【ダンス動画】Alicia Keys (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – It’s On Again | Kevin Vasquez
【ダンス動画】BTS (방탄소년단) – Go Go DANCE (고민보다 Go) by Quick Style #gogochallenge
【ダンス動画】01# Ph+ series / Quick Style – Rewind by 070 Shake
【ダンス動画】Quick Style – Au Pair by Karpe Diem (Official Dance Video)
【ダンス動画】#Samsung Norway: Official release Samsung Galaxy S5 (live) by Dancing Strawhatz
【ダンス動画】Quick Crew – Eternal by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
【ダンス動画】Quick Crew – Matter of time by Lisa Shaw
【ダンス動画】The Vibe Concept Singapore – Rie Hata – Anything by Monica featuring Lil Kim & Rick Ross
【ダンス動画】The Vibe Concept Singapore – Dee (D-Blast) & Rie Hata.mov
【ダンス動画】The Vibe Concept Singapore – Rie Hata
【ダンス動画】The Vibe Concept Singapore: Rie Hata (her first class:))
【ダンス動画】Quick Crew – I’ll be missing you by Puff daddy
【ダンス動画】The Vibe class: Shingo Okamoto 2
【ダンス動画】The Vibe class: Shingo Okamoto 1
【ダンス動画】The Vibe class: Collabos – Rie Hata & Dee (D-Blast)
【ダンス動画】Quick Crew feat. Rie Hata – Tha Point
【ダンス動画】Quick Crew – Winter Concept by Hit N Run (Inspired by 一青窈 もらい泣き)
【ダンス動画】Quick Crew choreography – Boom Boom Boom by The Outhere Brothers (TheQuickStyle)
【ダンス動画】The Vibe class: Rie Hata 6
【ダンス動画】Quick Crew – Beautiful Girl by Qasual